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Our suite of customized human capital solutions enable you to:

Improving Employee Performance

Human Capital Training

By conducting a workplace gap analysis, we’ll determine if your team is missing any of the critical skill sets they need to get the job done.  We’ll then develop a plan to help you acquire those skills, either through training or new hires. When your employees participate in our online profiles, we're able to determine the strengths and suggested areas for improvement, and build individualized training programs to help them progress.  LPLGroup offers online training programs to all our clients and their employees.  Our training programs include Management Training, Project Management, Supervisory Training, Effective Communication, Dealing with Conflict in the Workplace, and many more! Once we determine that your staff is appropriately skilled, we’ll examine how they do their work.  We’ll analyze your team’s productivity and identify gaps and bottlenecks in your workflow to help you work smarter.

Managing Human Capital

It’s a fact: bad hires and poor work habits cost your company a minimum of $10,000 per employee.  It’s difficult, but essential, to find the right person for the right position, because poor hiring practices affect your bottom line. When it’s time to hire, LPLGroup is the ideal partner, guiding you through the recruiting and hiring process with structures and systems that help you hire smart. Once you’ve assembled your team, maximize their success by providing the resources they need to stay sharp and productive.  The process of identifying the appropriate resources will lead to a series of important policies and procedures that must be codified and communicated to your team, usually in the form of an employee information system or handbook. Many business owners struggle with this process, but LPLGroup has the skills and experience to make it easy (and maybe even fun!). From a management standpoint, we can also help you set performance expectations by developing detailed job descriptions and ensure you are paying your employees fairly by conducting a wage analysis. And lets not forget about safety!  How often have you heard other business owners complain about "the safety program" and how it's crippling productivity? LPLGroup understands the need for balance and processes. We begin all safety programs by creating a culture - one step at a time!   Effective safety programs should enhance productivity AS WELL AS increase your bottom line!

Developing Effective Managers

Effective management is critical to your company’s success. LPLGroup specializes in helping clients assess the capabilities of their management teams by conducting skill and ability inventories. We also provide personality testing to help your management teamwork together effectively. Many business owners and high-level managers benefit from business coaching, after all, no one ever achieved success alone!  From sales and marketing to business management, we have developed methods to help our clients learn abstract concepts experientially. Properly motivating, coaching and listening to employees are key areas where many managers could use some practice. We also coach our clients on employment issues, succession planning, safety, marketing, change management, and much more.  Mastery of these critical business topics can literally transform your company. Our clients operate in a variety of industries. Read on to learn more about how we’ve helped clients in these fields:

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LPLGroup Inc. is a global human resources and business consulting company based in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada. We focus on making change happen by offering practical business advice and assistance in creating effective HR systems and successful management processes.


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