2015 June

Pssst….How’s The Spine of Your Business?

June 3rd, 2015

Jack took a big gulp of his coffee. He’d just been to his accountant and the news wasn’t horrific…but it wasn’t wonderful either. Jack definitely struggles with the idea of process, policy and cost recovery. (This is why I invited to him to a local coffee shop for a meeting –to discuss the details of his business.) The observant (eavesdropping) waitress left a big carafe of coffee at the table. We were going to need it.

Like many of my clients, Jack calls me when there appears to be little light left at the end of the tunnel. Phrases such as:

  • “I just lost one of my best employees to my competitor!”
  • “One of my employees tested positive during random drug testing”
  • “Policies, why do I need them (can you do that for me?)”
  • “Hey, my guys are asking for raises – what should I pay them?”

And of course there’s other issues such as employee conflict – something every business has to deal with at one point.

I looked at Jack and explained he wasn’t alone. Company owners and managers deal with any number of situations like this on a regular basis. The worst thing he could do was ignore the problem. Problems don’t work themselves out, and it tends to create “ugliness” for workers and customers alike.

Human Resources Development offer more than a quick or temporary fix to any of these issues. HR is responsible for implementing strategies and policies relating to managing people. This means to Jack – and you – that you maximize the return on investment from the organization’s human capital and minimizing financial risk. The golden rule of HR? People matter.

I watched Jack lighten up as I explained that effective human resources improve business, positively effect sales growth, sales margins, competitive advantage and averting litigation. I leaned in and said he needed to FOCUS on these 3 things:

Hire smart using effective techniques
Create policies reflecting the company and its industry.
Performance Management. Employees improve when they know what’s expected of them.

The coffee was cold but Jack leaned back with a relieved smile. He said “Harriet – OK – I get it. You’ve taken a load off my back. HR isn’t just a bunch of fluff. This is very important for my business.”

Jack’s right. Now my question for you – how is the spine of YOUR business?

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