2010 June

The Twitter Tango and Stiletto Heels

June 3rd, 2010

According to the ever-popular Wikipedia, Social Media has become the new “tool” for effective business marketing and sales. Through popular networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, we are able to reach more consumers, build, socialize, and connect with friends, relatives, and employees.

“Harriet, meet Social Media! Social Media, meet Harriet!” Oh my goodness! For me, taking on all this new technology is like trying to walk on stilettos! High heals? Really? WHO can wear them…and why, why, WHY? (As I digress ) I mean, you can’t run in them, they’re no good on gravel sidewalks, you can’t curl up in a chair with them, and you can’t dash through the store with them. (In fact, the last time I tried, I…well, let’s just say I counted six cross bars, twenty lights, two left over ceiling tiles from the last renovation, and a few unmentionables that probably shouldn’t be hangin’ from the ceiling of a grocery store.)

On the other hand, heels do make legs look longer and more attractive, they do compliment an evening gown, four extra inches to one’s height does help find a place to sit at the local cafe (5’9” plus 4 ). Heels aerate grass; puncture hardwood floors (a great reason to bring in the boys from Absolute Hardwood ); and of course, they make for great self-defense weaponry. Sandra Bullock runs in heals, Penny Jennings can run to the back of her shop at Minute Man Press…wearing heals.

Ok, ok, ok; I’ve got it, I’m done digressing! Here’s what I’ve learned: Presently, Facebook has over 150 million users; LinkedIn has more than 34 million and Twitter 4.4 million plus. And while there are thousands of social networking sites out there, a pecking order has emerged. (Keep in mind that pecking orders are like fashion trends; it doesn’t mean things won’t change in a few months…much like shoes and of course, the height of a heel ). It appears that (for now) many business owners are focusing on the Big 3 -Facebook, Twitter and Linked In.

Oh oh, a conundrum emerges. I’ve arrived at the social networking dance, but I haven’t figured out the Twitter Tango yet. (I’ve got my heels on, but I’m not getting the hang of the dance steps!) The vocabulary is daunting! Tweets. Peeps. Re-Tweets. Bogs. Splogging. Vlogging. Social media is certainly transforming the way I communicate. Each time I type a comment in Twitter, I understand it’s called a Tweet. When I’m communicating with people on Twitter it’s called Tweeting (not Twittering). If I want to have a private message with someone, then I Direct Message them. Lastly, I discovered the benefit of shorthand when updating Twitter, Facebook or my LinkedIn status. For instance, “u” for “you” and “r” for “are” – mostly because I’m limited to 140 characters. And of course, when something’s worth laughing about, LOL seems to do the job.

During my browsing, I did come across a list of some of the less popular words of this new-founded vocabulary. I thought they were creative, and perhaps worth mentioning:

  • Anonoblog: A blog site by an anonymous author(s).
  • AstroTurfing: A faux grass roots push to promote a product, service, or idea.
  • Crowdsourcing: When an organization harnesses the efforts and skills of those outside of the organization to volunteer content.
  • Deciprocity: Saying or doing the wrong things which results in a chronic decrease of friends and followers.
  • Dooced: Losing your job as a result of your blogging. Coined by the author of the popular site, Dooce, who was fired after venting about her company.
  • Folksonomy: Collaborative tagging, or social indexing; the collective use of tags to categorize content.
  • SOB: Successful and Outstanding Blogger (this definition is a vast improvement over the original).
  • Social Capital: The benefits received from a positive reputation and strong relationships in social networks.
  • Splog: Fake or spam blogs often used solely for the purpose of back linking and affiliate sales.
  • Vlog: Blog containing primarily video posts.
  • Socialationship: A mutually beneficial and meaningful relationship established by networking online.

Social Media certainly has my attention; I’m ready to go with it. Contrary to the Stiletto heel that place a large amount of force into a small area, through RSS web feeds, I’m able to apply a small amount of force that reaches a large area. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Bloggers watch out, ‘cause here I come! I’ve put on my heels, and am ready to dance.

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