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Coaching my clients to pursue their business dreams requires dedication, planning and groundwork. Helping them understand what their accomplishment will look like, what they will need to do to get there, is their starting point to reaching their goal.

If someone asked me what I attributed my expertise to, I’d have to say…parenting! Although education certainly offered the base to efficiency and protocol, being a mother to three daughters offered more learning than any textbook or lecture could have provided.

According to a recent global business leader’s survey of more than 300, both men and women think that women make better leaders, and that women with children make the very best business leaders. Parenting is now popularly viewed as a means of propagating skills that are transferable to the workplace; especially those dawned in life, family, and work. Ask a mother about the similarities between managing a family team and a business team, and she’ll tell you. “Put together an all-encompassing atmosphere where each person involved has a clear role and a defined purpose that contribute to the final outcome; above all, communicate well, and make everyone heard.”

The belief that businesses fare poorly in economic downturns is a common misconception, but not necessarily true; stably run businesses will hold their own during difficult times Looking back, I recognize the importance of keeping in touch with my accountant and my banker. After all, who better to offer knowledgeable advice to helping you through rough times? Assessing fixed and variable costs kept me ahead. Keeping my overhead low and providing fixed time frames to my clients, assured them that they were getting the best bang for their dollar! My clients are my lifeblood in any economic climate; when I treat them well, they in turn do the same.

My greatest business accomplishment was my first client. (A first client is like a first love: it’s the one you do the most for, learn the most from, and the one you get up extra early for!) When my first client called me to tell me that his staff disliked him, and that his business was being sabotaged from the inside out, (and literally, it was) I was intrigued! I knew there was a fix, and it was mine to deliver! Now, twenty years later, I can honestly say that my accomplishment in resolving company and staffing dilemmas like my first client’s, (who, by the way, now operates a sound, well functioning business with dedicated employees and a climbing bottom line) and working with new business startups has given me the ability to do the work I enjoy!

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